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Parade Date with Miss America

July 23, 2012

This year, the 10 days of the Calgary Stampede kicked off with gusto, with its 17 hour Stampede Parade.

Last year I found myself curb side, mashed between families in the unbearable heat. This year I vowed I would do things different, but I could have never guessed I would be given the opportunity I was given to watch the parade in style!

The invite;

‘View the parade and enjoy a light bite with Miss America 2012 Laura Kaeppeler!’

The event, put on by designer Joseph Ribkoff, would also preview his entire fall collection.

Models would circulate around at the intimate gathering, then disappear only to re appear in another beautiful garment.

As I awaited for the Wisconsin native turned global sensation to arrive, I snacked on delightful bites, like Prosciutto wrapped Melon

How fitting for the event which was to feature a perfectly trim American celebrity!

Then it happened, she swished around the corner. There she was, Miss America!

Lookin’ all “Monica Lewinsky”, she was calm, cool and collected, everything a beauty queen should be.

I asked her if her face hurt from smiling, a light chuckle and some interesting conversation later, I asked her if she would take another photo with me, something a little more fun and casual.

“Lets Vogue!” I exclaimed

But as it turns out… There is one look ‘Miss America’ does. Whether it’s her personality or part of her contractual expectations, I will never know!

It was nice meeting you Laura, thanks for the air conditioned event!

Mr. Fab america


Looking forward to reading your comments!