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What to Wear Wednesday (Garth Brooks)

July 18, 2012

Comfort is important and I don’t really care what you wear as long as you’re comfortable and happy!

This week we break down Garth Brooks’ comfy outfit that he wore to a press conference that I was at last week.

He had some interesting comments when asked abut his fashion choices.

Starting from head down, his ball cap which bears the Wynn Logo may have been a requirement rather than a fashion statement as it is the resort which contracts him to perform a couple times a year in Las Vegas.

His necklace, assumingly from his daughter. He did not wear during his evening performance.

Next up his very casual shirt.

Eskimo Joes Brand t-shirt, from a local family clothing store in Oklahoma… I love that he keeps his business local. I can imagine this shirt sells for less than $19.99

Next up, the hot topic, his missing belt!

He was asked about it and he said “I’m too fat to be wearing one right now, I like to keep things casual… this is me!”

On the botttom;

What looks to be a pair of  baggy ‘carpenter style’ jeans and some work boots.

Garth’s a family guy who lives on a ranch, and no doubt was involved in doing minor repairs earlier that day before he boarded ‘Garth Force One’ and hit up Calgary.

I love the fashion statement you made in Calgary GB, you fit right in!

Our people don’t flaunt their money!

Mr. Fab dressed


Looking forward to reading your comments!