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Theo Fleury Sings Live Onstage at Calgary Stampede

July 17, 2012

I always wondered WHY videos would go viral or even how people find them in the first place.

I have made numerous videos of me lip syncing that are so good I was certain that they would have set the internet a blaze, but sadly, 17 views later… They flatline.

And now, my understanding of viral videos has reached a new low. I wrote a story about the Johnny Reid concert, upload a performance clip, decide NOT to use it, and somehow 3 days later it passes 7,000 views just sitting on YouTube!

Here’s the story, and video:

Mid way through the concert, JR finishes a song, the applause erupt and he starts talking to the crowd. Then things take a turn for the worse because out of the blue he suddenly welcomes Theo Fleury to the stage.

Out stumbles what appears to be a homeless man, short and stout.

He starts on a tangent of incoherent mumbling and then a back up track starts.

What happened next was the most uncomfortable 4 minutes I have ever seen on stage.

Theo Fleury is a former Calgary Flames player (along with other NHL Teams), who a few years back broke the story of some pretty awful things that had happened to himself and others in the sport as young players.

I don’t know much of the story but it seems that based on his past he has decided to move forward on a new path in his life; music!

The entire time he was up there the crowd remained quite silent and then tossed out a few hoots when he wolfed out the word ‘Calgary’.

As for me, I prayed the whole time that a giant cane would come out from behind the curtain and drag him off stage.

Johnny Reid has been know to donate a lot of his time to charity and even spent the day at the Children’s Hospital while he was here. It seemed this time his charitable nature in letting Theo Fleury on stage was the wrong decision.

I’m all up for people trying to better themselves, but somebody needs to help redirect Theo towards something he’s good at.

Mr. Fab sync


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