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Behind the Scenes with Brad Paisley

July 16, 2012

With the Calgary Stampede coming to a close and the Monday blues hitting the city really hard, it’s time to get back to reality…

Virtual Reality with Brad Paisley that is!

As part of his world tour Mr. Paisley hit up Calgary and whipped the crowd into a wild frenzy Saturday night.

The show which open with a laser silhouette hologram of the famed country music singer was just a teaser of the imagery of what was later to come

The show which was the 4th in the Virgin Mobile Concert series, was the only one to have a large set and video display. And although Country is not my first choice when it comes to music, I was won over by the high energy performance and the great use of LED displays.

The best part of the show for me was being able to stop by the seats of my 4 winners to whom I gave tickets to earlier in the week.

Two of the tickets prizes and two of them my own personal tickets, I decided it was more important to forfeit them to my readers who were unable to purchase tickets to the sold-out performance.

In addition to the concert, earlier that day 3 of us were given a back stage tour of the venue, including a stop at the stage where I was pulled off of mid climb.

Yes, I have dreams of fame, money and girls too!

We’ll maybe not the latter…

The whole experience was great and I can understand why so many fans were on their feet the entire time.

Thanks Brad for bringing your lights and your energy!

Mr. Fab rad Paisley

  1. I was one of your lucky winners! Thanks so much for the tickets! Having you stop by our seats was pretty fabulous too! Good luck with the money and fame and I hope to see you around! Thanks again!

Looking forward to reading your comments!