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My Day with Garth Brooks

July 13, 2012

This week golden horseshoes have been falling outta me with every step I take and yesterday, as the Virgin Mobile Reporter, I hit max capacity.

I was given tickets to Garth Brooks, the show which sold out in 58 seconds.

But when you team Mr. Fab with a power house like Virgin Mobile… Anything can happen… And it did!

Starting with an invite to a very exclusive press conference with Mr. Brooks himself!

And I had scooped the best seat in the room; front and center!

At first I thought a techie had walked onto the platform to do a sound check, then an understated introduction… “Mr. Garth Brooks everybody”

What followed was a 3o minute Q&A, and nothing was off limits.

Here are a few things he had to say:

  • “I dislike scalpers; I know everyone needs to make a living but I wouldn’t even pay the astronomical price some of them are charging for the tickets, trust me, I’m not worth it.”

And that was the tone of GB; understated, modest, and real!

He then made a promise.

  • “If I ever tour again, I will come back to Calgary and play every single night until everybody who wants to see me, has seen me! I won’t charge more the $65 and I will saturate the market with my concerts so scalpers won’t even bother buying my tickets!”

He’s genuine and honest, he loves his fans and loves his family (who were all with him).

Here is my favorite moment, when he talks candidly about his wife (Trisha Yearwood) and her cheese cake,

When his 30 minutes were up he insisted that he take time to have a 1 on 1 with anyone in the room who wanted it.

I was first up but all my questions were answered. I asked if he would mind taking a photo with me and he graciously obliged!

Now the story doesn’t just end there… I still had 2 of the best seats to see the show.

Feeling guilty keeping them for myself, I insisted that my editor and close friend take them, but one good turn afforded me another and I was invited to stay as well.

There is no way to describe the energy in the room.

Thousands and thousands of die-hard fans who knew every word to every song, sang their hearts out. The screams were deafening and the temperature in the stadium was a sizzling 1 million degrees!

Then to the unsuspecting crowd, his wife, Trisha Yearwood took the stage!

A surprise duet and the crowd lost their marbles! The sweat poured from the fans and Garth Brooks alike.

It was the concert of a lifetime; Garth Brooks, out of retirement with 1 single stop… Calgary, Alberta for the 100th year of the Calgary Stampede!

We all certainly celebrated together!

Thanks Virgin Mobile and Calgary Stampede for a night no one will ever forget!

Mr Fab rooks

  1. Awesome – I’ve been a HUGE GB fan for 20 years now (Since my senior year in high school) and I loved the snippet that was posted, the pics, etc. GB holds a special place in my heart for a few reasons. I was lucky enough to get “front row upgrades” when he was touring and it was the MOST memorable time in my life! I not only got to see GB up close and personal, I spent the time with three of my most treasured, best friends from across the US. Susan (DE), Michelle (UT) Lisa (PA). Thanks GB. <3

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