Food Truck Friday… ‘Happy Truck!’

June 29, 2012

I love a good business, a company that has it all together. Good people and a great product for a fair price. But with The Happy Truck they also have an owner that takes care if the community and gives back to others!

A few weeks ago I was volunteering my time at ‘Deliver Good’; a charitable event which was recognizing the unsung heroes of our city, when The Happy Truck rolled in to feed the famished party goers.

With a little sweet talk and ‘happy eyes’, Dedy the cook, greeted me at the back door.

When I  jumped onto the truck I was delighted with what I saw: a truck which was much more spacious and luxurious than the other food trucks I have been on!

As I snooped around and started to grill my own food, Dedy suddenly handed me his phone.

On the other end was Perry, the owner of the truck. I braced myself for screams of “who do you think you are” and “get out of my truck”

But the conversation was quite the opposite.

A pleasant and proud owner who wished he could have been there. He kindly answered questions I had and told me about a number of ventures he’s working on.

I found out later that week that not only did he donate his time and food to feed the guests of the party that evening, but last year alone managed to feed 42,000 hungry mouths outside of The Dream Centre.

This was a very generous man who not only had a great concept, but was a caring and giving individual.

So what can you expect when you visit the truck?

A delicious, ever-changing Indonesian Fusion Menu.

A couple great standbys; a Tuna Po’Boy finished with Mango sauce, or my favourite dish, Curry Satay Beef.

The thing that sets this truck a part from all the others is not only the unexpected mix of flavours and ingredients, but the size and portion you’ll receive.

With most trucks I leave hungry and light pocketed, but ordering the ‘Happy Plate’ for $8.00 gives you a variety of items that are sure to fill your tummy and leave you… well, HAPPY!

Like most trucks you can follow them on Twitter so you can always be sure to know where and when to strike next! Check out @yycfoodtrucks

Like a ‘city tiger’ out in search of prey… I’d set my sights on The Happy Truck!

Mr.  Fab py truck

  1. Bernice loves her a good meal for her buck but loves a business that gives back to community even more!!! I will definitely be visiting the Happy Truck next time I am in Calgary to make both my tummy & my heart happy!

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