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100 Tasty Beers on the Wall… National Opens!

June 28, 2012

Off to NYC to buy some new kicks, and sure enough there was an event that needed to be covered in Calgary. I knew just the right peeps to send! I quickly called my friends over at Origami Ghost and offered them a night out.

Here is their night out at National for Fab;

With Mr. Fab out of town, we were happy to take his place at the media opening of National Beerhall. It’s been open for a few weeks so we were able to get a look at the operation in full swing.

As we arrived we were greeted by a friendly and knowledgable staff who seemed excited to share their knowledge of beers and assist in the selection: a daunting task as the beer menu on the wall above the bar reads like a departures board at a train station, constantly changing to display all 100 beers they have available.

At first navigating the changing sign was awkward, but in the end I decided I really liked the fact that “I’ll have the third one down on the left” didn’t mean the same thing twice.

We snacked on Oysters, Corn Dogs with Sriracha mayo, Pulled Pork Sliders, and Shrimp Louie on crostini while enjoying our beer, and all the items were unique and delicious, I am hungry again thinking about them now…

As if the amazing beer selection and bites weren’t enough, National has a beautiful space to call home. RA Design has done it again, and their thoughtful touches have not gone unnoticed, like the carved place numbers at the communal table in the back of the hall.

The space has a large window wall that opens out to the patio; a great way to spend the afternoon with friends in a prime “people-watching” location.

Add to all of this some laughs with our seat mates and new friends, the Toque Girls, and this night was a great success. Thank you National Beerhall, I look forward to broadening my beer horizons in the coming months and beyond!

Mr Origami for Fab

  1. I love National too for various reasons and I love to see new choices in Calgary but they have a lot of bugs to work out. Respectively, it is brand new and it cannot be perfect right out of the gate. Changes I would love to see are; the prices on the menu matching what is on the bill. Twice I have gone there and this has been a price discrepancy with different drink items. One server was less than apologetic on the subject, she was more annoyed that I had even brought it up. As well, the prices are inflated: $8 for a highball, over $13.00 for a sandwich WITHOUT A SIDE, $3 extra to have a side. Seriously? It’s a pub not a high-end steakhouse. $18 for a chicken pot pie (it’s good but more fitted in the under $15 value). The Crab Cobb Salad is sparse, there is not enough protein to constitute a $16 salad, I had to eat another meal right afterward to feel satiated. I think a lunch hour menu with more modest pricing would be a good next step to get people in during the day. I’ve noticed walking by it is quiet for lunch. You also cannot make reservations during the day for under 6 people. No reservations at night. All that being said the crowd is hot. I will be back, I look forward to improvements.

  2. I know this evening my guest writers didn’t get a chance to experience the full menu so I appreciate your open and honest conversation about it!
    Thanks Shawna

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