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What to Wear Wednesday (Sashay with Nike)

June 27, 2012

June is Pride month, and with Pride celebrations currently happening all over North America, Nike has ‘stepped’ in to say “We got your back!”

In 1985 Nike launched a campaign titled ‘Be True’, a way for fans and athletes to show their support and wear their collegiate colours.

Fast forward to 2012 and Nike honours the ‘Be True’ Campaign for PRIDE

Celebrating the recent achievements of New York City, San Francisco and Portland as leaders in the development of equality for the LGBT community, Nike has introduced fresh city-specific shoes, with matching hats & t-shirts to go along with this world-changing evolution!

These shoes are so pimp, I had to see them for myself.

The decision was made and the flight booked, I was on my way to NYC.

After a delayed flight and several subway connections later I was standing outside Nike World, doors locked! It was 8:10pm and the store had closed.

As I pressed my face up against the glass windows a 6’10 security guard came to my rescue. A sob story mixed with my watery puppy dog eyes, I was thrown a bone and ushered in and to the floor that held my treasures!

To my surprise, there wasn’t just the hightop manufactured for the celebration, but a dazzling pair of running shoes as well.

Within 5 mintues, these NYC exclusives were on my feet and sashaying around the store.

I had to have them both!

A quick swipe of the credit card and I was ready to pound the streets of Manhattan!

Now when Gays around the world march, celebrate, and marry they can do so in comfort and style!

Thanks for sending a great message Nike and for making some shoes that are fun, flirty and vibrant like us!

Mr. Fab e true

  1. beautiful!!!!! U are now mosdef reppin mr fab!!!!!! love love love
    like I want a pair cuz they r so fly

  2. Hell yeah! Gonna get me a pair, I love that this is what Nike is into now and I wanna support them all the way. Super fresh and an iconic symbol of cultural change.

  3. Too cool! And if this is Nike’s “first step” into combining cool sneakers with their good work supporting the LGBT community, I can’t wait to see what they bring next year! (see you outside in line at the store…)

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