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My Day with Vickie B

June 18, 2012

I’ve heard in the past people say that ‘social media’ is not a valid form of journalism, however I beg to differ.

It is the only place I get my world happening from and without Twitter, this story never would have happened.

My day with Victoria Beckham

A simple tweet crossed my feed; VB would be making a personal appearance in support of her self-named clothing line which was about to launch at Holt Refrew in Vancouver, BC.

Now I have seen VB before, after all she was a part of my youth, telling me what I want, what I really really want!

As I sat 3 rows away from ‘Posh’ at the Spice Girls sold out reunion tour back in 2008, I wondered what the quietest of the girls would really be like;

With a quick phone call to my friends with the marketing team in Vancouver and a background check to ensure I wasn’t completely nuts, I was on the morning flight to Vancouver and I was about to meet the fashion guru!

With bags, which were not Vuitton, under my eyes I arrived for the early morning briefing. A lot of particulars and expectation to be followed when hosting Mrs. Beckham, ones I can not divulge.

As the store started to fill with eager fans, I met and escorted the various media outlets to their positions in the photo pit.

As the 1:00 arrival time came and passed, the crowd had turned to Twitter to find out where the star was.

Turns out Victoria’s plane was being held in customs and no one was sure how long the delay would be.

As the crowd and I patiently awaited the arrival, I decided to sneak into the washroom to practice my VB face as taught to me by my mentor, Lainey Lui from eTalk fame.

Then the store suddenly erupted; the mogul had arrived…

With no introduction she made her way in through the crowds stopping for a few autographs and pictures, then took her position on the photo platform.
After 3 minutes of posing, while being screamed at by the mob, the star was whisked away as the crowd began to close in.

She was quickly ushered upstairs to her awaiting, very VIP, guests.

Behind a curtain of secracy, I can shed a little light to what I saw.

A private photo op with VB, who spent as much time as her guests needed to snap the perfect photo. She graciously talked with them about fashion and life.
Then a 4 minute fashion show, showcasing 8 of her collections hottest looks, followed by a delicious lunch.

A beautifully decorated long table adored with crisp white linens and fresh cut auntique pink roses surrounded by a dozen clear Philippe Starck ghost chairs. The guests where treated to a fully catered gourmet lunch, complete with soft music and flickering candle light.

But sadly the star attraction did not join them.

Earlier that day a television network offered a substantial lump sum of money to anyone who could produce a photo of the celebrity eating. As such VB decided to eat lunch in a private client suite with her hair stylist, Ken Pavis, who was also in attendance.

As the crowd dwindled some die hard star hunters hung around praying to catch one last glimps of the star.

But as quick as she came, she left.

An amazing day for myself who was able to stand inches from a teenage idol; and the behind the scenes secrets will be enough to keep me satisfied for a lifetime to come!

Mr. Fab eckham


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