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Famous Fridays (Mr.Fab the DOG!)

June 15, 2012

By now I’m sure everyone in the world has Googled themselves or a potential date… Doing a little un-authorized background check never hurt anyone!

Recently I decided to Google stalk the name Mr. Fab to see what would come up… And ‘gasp’, this is what I found!

Turns out the self manufactured socialite wasn’t the only one baring this name.

I had some competition!!

As I pulled more and more images of ‘Mr.Fab’ I knew I had to meet him, so I set out on a road trip to see of I could find the legend that shared my name.

Armed with a photo of the pup and a plane ticket I landed in a small Californian city. I began to look high and low to see if I could find him.

And although I found the location in the photo, Fab-2 was nowhere to be found…

Upon further research I have found out that my doppelgänger is indeed no MR… but a lady dog who has a fine taste for jewelry like myself.

Like twins separated at birth I hope that one day that I will meet my counterpart.

Ohhhh Mr. Fab where for art thou?

Mr.Fab squared2


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