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What to Wear Wednesday (Ratty Flats, Marc by Marc)

June 13, 2012

I’ve made a small mention of this very odd footwear in the past when I saw 1 pair floating around the shelves of a shoe department. But now, much like the rodent these mimic, these flats are multiplying quickly!

I’m not totally hating on this pair, they’re kind of cute.

But then when I saw them staring at me in hot pink I nearly screamed

What’s worse, the cheap looking plastic they’re molded in.

I get enough judgement when I wear my Croc flip-flops, I can’t imagine the comments people hear when they wear these!

Now if you’re in elementary school, sure these might be cool… I mean they’re way cooler then the LA Gear my mom would buy me from the old Woolco Department Store.

And if you happen to be a ‘Solid  Gold ‘ dancer from Soul Train these little ditties might be appropriate.

But any other demographic should probably steer clear!

Now I’m not always 100% correct when it comes to women’s fashion so I’ll leave this with you, my fashionable readers, a poll to tell me what you think.

Now there is one pair I found that I’d give two ‘thumbs up’ to…

So cute… and socially acceptable for babies!

Mr. Fab ooties

  1. that’s right. for babies – ADORABLE. For grownups…not so much. I know a few gals (who range between the ages of 12-16) who would be cute in them. But i find this style a bit like Hello Kitty: CREEPY.

  2. the gold ones are hot and whats cool is since nobody would wear them they’re even more fabulous cuz the worst is when everybody looks the same…yuck!

Looking forward to reading your comments!