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Extra Extra, Mr. Fab makes the paper!

June 11, 2012

Recently I was asked by CORE Shopping what I thought the 10 must haves for Stampede were.

As I screamed out my first answer, “a designated driver!”, the question was clarified.

“Top 10 Fashion picks and none of this ‘denim cowboy’ stuff.”

A few days later the list was in and I was told the Calgary Herald was now interested in featuring, not only my top picks, but Mr. Fab himself!

Was I dreaming!?

Over the next couple of days stylists were busy pulling clothes and the shoot was a go!

Then I was told my female co-model was chosen.

Now I’ve been a part of numerous shoots in the past and I always get the nervous butterflies. But this time when I saw the model I’d be shooting with, the nerves came on strong!

Amanda Lindhout, gorgeous, sweet and tiny! Ohhhh and did I mention a Professional Model~ Humanitarian~Activist~Speaker~Writer~ and Founder of the The Global Enrichment Foundation.

I quickly developed acid reflux quicker than Ashley Simpson on SNL.

She was an amazing choice and I wasn’t going to let her down!

After a quick ‘de-shine’ from Miss Lindhout’s make-up team, who were kind enough to throw some powder my way, we were striking a pose!

3 different looks, we quickly changed and shot in a bustling mall.

A mix of hot trends with vibrant colors and patterns kept this shoot moving in the right direction.

My favorite look;

A patterned button-up shirt, vest, and denim tie all mixed with my most comfortable jeans and a scoop of ice cream!!! But you’ll have to wait till tomorrow to see that one!

Tuesday June 12th in the ‘Real Life’ section of the Calgary Herald all will be unveiled.

Mr. Fab, his shiny forehead, modern Stampede style and the memories of a beautiful co-model!

Next stop Avenue Magazine! (fingers crossed)

Mr. Fab style


Looking forward to reading your comments!