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Blundstone Boots Giveaway!

June 7, 2012

As you can probably guess, I am not equipped to perform hard labour. But without the amazing people who are, I wouldn’t have beautiful malls to shop in or parks to picnic in.

So to thank all those who have done all the hard work, myself and Blundstone have teamed up to give you the ‘Manolo’s’ of the steel-toed boot world! Combining safety and comfort, these boots look good!

With no laces and state-of-the-art materials; including new Kevlar CSA approved protection mid-soles that are lighter and more flexible, your feet are going to be thankful!

I could have used a pair of these last time I was in Palm Springs shopping at an outdoor mall when it was raining. As I bolted out of one store and over to another, my flip flops combined with the wet polished pavement to send me hydro-planing into a back flip.

These Blundstones have maximum protection with soles that are heat, slip, acid, oil, and electric shock resistant, no matter what the setting you wont be water skiing! And the weatherproof elastic and leather keep your feet dry, and allow them to breathe as well.

So you want to win a pair?… ANY pair of your choice!

As always you’ll have 2 ways to enter!

#1 Tweet the Following:

My feet are going to LOVE my new boots thanks to @blundstoneca & @immrfabulous Fingers crossed that I win them!


#2 Comment Below:

Tell me “What is you’re favourite footwear?”

(Mine are High-Tops!)

I’ll randomly select a winner on Monday and you can enter once a day!

Good Luck!

Mr. Fab stone

  1. Sneakers because I often dress like I’m running errands and no one will see me.

  2. My faves are pretty much anything Fluevog….but I would LOVE a chance to let some Blundstones win me over 🙂

  3. My faves are pretty much all things Fluevog but I would love to let some Blundstones win my heart over!

  4. I love my pumps! no kidding proper fitting pumps rock my world and I feel better all day (my man needs steel toes though!)

  5. Cowboy boots! I have a collection…tall, short, square toed, biker style, booties, you name it! And oh how I’d like to rock a pair of Blundstone’s with a maxi dress 🙂

  6. birkinstocks for sure the most comfortable thing this time of year but I would probably kill for a pair of louboutin heels 🙂

  7. My favorite footwear are my Manitobah loafers. SO comfy and casual cute! Their cousin, the mukluks that sit on my shoe rack….also very awesome!

  8. I love Toms. Especially sparkly ones.
    I would cherish and adore a pair of Blundstones – its what all the cool kids in Amsterdam wear.

  9. While I love my Sperry Top Siders, I would be thrilled to work some Blundstones into my wardrobe!!

  10. My favourite shoes are a tie. My trainers (brooks Glycerins) that get me everywhere…most recently thru my first marathon. But my cole Haan boots are a close second. I seem to run more than dress up lately. I need to change that!!

  11. My Keen sandals, but can’t wear those in winter. I agree with Tina though Brooks Glycerins are great shoes too.

  12. Asking a man who has more shoes than most of the girls he knows what his favourite shoes are is like asking a mother who her favourite child is… It’s a toss up between my New Balance Minimus sneakers or my D&G black wingtips

  13. WOW! there are a lot of casual kids on here – ladies what happened to classic Choos? love for Louboutins? and being mad for Badgley Mischka? C”MON!!!???? I love this season’s American India inspired Chie Mahara’s… i have 2 pairs. But I know my man would LOVE new Blundstone Boots…so pick me!

  14. I just can’t get enough of my “Hello Kitty” crocs! People hate them but I love them! I’d like to report, however, on a recent trip they were stolen from my luggage making me croc-less. A pair of blundstone boots may be just what I am in need of as I am planning a trip to Chernobyl! *fingers crossed I’m the luckiest of winners and I can avoid radiation*

  15. Hello!
    It’s hard to say which kind of shoes I love the most, but… If I am to choose, my favs are high-heeled peep-toe and leather boots.
    Thank you for the giveaway

  16. I have a pair of flip-flops with really grab arch support. The first time in my life I’ve been able to wear flip-flops without my ankles swelling or aching.

  17. “What is you’re favourite footwear?” – my favourite shoes are wedges. They are comfortable to wear and SO high! I can look stunning not only on parties, but also while I’m shopping or working 🙂 In wedges my feet don’t get as tired, as they get in high heels 🙂
    kisses from Denmark,

  18. My favs are my Doc Martens, I have many pairs and hope to get more in London this summer, followed closely by my cowboy boot,s a gorgeous tall red pair. But have always wanted a pair of Biundstones, good boots for a girl who stands all day, Fingers crossed.

  19. I wish I had a favorite brand or something I could give you, but honestly my favorite shoes are always my oldest pair of work shoes. They’re always a perfect fit, because after so many years they’re molded to your specific feet. I’m always sad when I have to get a new pair.

  20. I have a pair of black leather boots which I bought in a second hand shop in Glasgow. They are very dear to me. But I love the looks of these and would love to win them.

  21. I love my “Isabel Marant-ish” booties by Steve Madden. No one can tell anyone the truth, tho’, OK? valhoff 3 at yahoo dot com

  22. My favorite shoes would be heels. It gives extra height for those who are not tall, like me annddd just wearing it makes me feel confident. I love my heels! 😀

  23. I so need a new pair of blunnies. Mine were stolen at a party (insert collective gasp) a few years back, and i had bought them in Aus….i am still emotionally scarred. (pickmepickmepickmepickmepickmepickmepickmepickmepickme, she whispers)

  24. I’m not gonna lie, I’m a sucker for a worn in pair of Birkenstocks that have been around the world and back again with me.

  25. My other fave shoes are my GAP toe ring sandals that are dead-ringers for Manolos. YES, really! valhoff 3 at yahoo dot com

  26. My low top converse. Though I did have a pair of Fluevog boots that looked just like these Blundts that I absolutely wore into the dirt!

  27. This contest is now closed! Thanks to all the entries.

    The winner is was chosen randomly using number generator.
    Congrats to SUE (above) who says this;

    “My favs are my Doc Martens, I have many pairs and hope to get more in London this summer, followed closely by my cowboy boot,s a gorgeous tall red pair. But have always wanted a pair of Biundstones, good boots for a girl who stands all day, Fingers crossed.”

  28. Ridiculous answer: My bunny slippers that my 3 daughters gave me for Mother’s day. I even fell down stairs in them, but they’re from my girls!!!

Looking forward to reading your comments!