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A Frappuccino with PUDDING!?!

June 5, 2012

Nothing beats an icy ‘Frappucino’ from Starbucks on a hot day… or anytime for that matter. So imagine my excitement when I landed in Japan and this was one of the first things I see!

Now I have seen the new ‘Cookie Crumble’ frapp but NEVER with White Chocolate Pudding; a new coffee recipe, but something told me this was not going to be  ‘light’ or ‘sugar-free’!

I know what you’re thinking;  you’re 8 years old again and you’re about to get a suckle of the Bill Cosby good stuff… Well you thought very wrong my friend!

It seems that in Japan they have a very different idea of what pudding is! By Canadian standards this is actually half a glass of vanilla flavoured tofu.

Rubbery, it’s like trying to suck a spare tire though a straw.

I hoped the melting ice part of my frapp would help liquify the koosh ball, but sadly it was no help. I was left with what looked like a melted Barbie in my cup!

Sometimes looks can be so deceitful!

Mr. Fab uccino