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Flying Behind the Curtain

June 1, 2012

With so many of my readers able to cover events for me I decided I could afford to stray away from Canada a bit longer and with a spin of the globe and a finger to stop it, my next location was chosen.

Now let’s be honest, we all dream of flying first class, or ANY class that doesn’t involve us eating the back of the seat in front of us for 11 hours, but who can afford the thousands of dollars it would take to perform such a feat.

Well on this trip, my luck was all I needed.

Business Elite Class on Delta.

I promise you this is not a story to rub in anyone’s face. I know I have tried to peek around the curtain many times, this is just a story to reveal the treasures that have been so closely guarded behind 1 inch of heavy cotton curtains.

The downside to the particular aircraft I was on, was that it was probably the oldest in Delta’s fleet. But a seat that has lumbar support, almost fully reclines, and has an extendable leg rest is nothing to be sad about!

It’s not just the extra leg room, full size duvets and down pillows that knocked my socks off… It was the food! And there was a lot of it!

My original assumption after looking at the menu was that I would be choosing 1 of the 4 listed appetizers, this was not the case!

Dumping the food down my throat like a trash can with the lid open, I moved on to a salad the size of a popcorn tub and then my main.

Boneless chicken with poached apple, wild rice and pan wilted baby bok choy… I’m certain there was a gas range loaded onto this aircraft!

Then, like a mirage in the desert, the desert rolled out… Literally!

Obviously this plane was also equipped with a deep freeze.

The oppulent amount of food I had just eaten would have any normal person wave the cart by, but not me… I had to have it all; minus the cheese cake… bletch!

After eating myself into a tummy ache I tucked myself into a required/induced 3 hour slumber.

But with the smell of baking bread in the air I awoke just in time for a huge breakfast prior to landing.

Eggs, sausage, french toast, rolls, fruit, yogurt and fresh squeezed orange juice; too much food, but I managed to finish it all!

As I waddled of the plane, bouncing back and forth off the aisle seats on my way out, I waved my puffy little finger at the flight crew and thanked them for all their hospitality!

What a great way to spend 11 hours together!

Mr. Fab airlines

  1. I fly coach all the time. When I get a job (because as a college student I take what I can get flight wise) I am dying to try business class. Mostly I’m excited about the minimum amount of noisy children and angry passengers! This post was delightfully entertaining!!

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