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Who is CLIVE Burger?

May 22, 2012
As I am unable to cover all events, I call on friends and readers 
to take my place. Thanks Terrence for enjoying this experience!

On a recent assignment from Mr. Fabulous himself, I was sent to be fabulous at the Burger & Beer Bash at Clive Burger on 17th Avenue.   My mission – to find out who is behind CLIVE Burger!!

Now for those who do not know what CLIVE Burger is, it’s ‘THE’ neighborhood burger joint, the way it was meant to be!

I began my search with Vanessa the “Clive Stylist” who took my order and helped me create my own ‘CLIVE STYLE’ burger! She did not know Clive.

Then it was on to Jordan the “Bun Warmer” who had Brian the “Griddle Master” throw my burger patties on the grill who then gave James the “Topping Artist” my order who then told Nick the “Burger Customizer” to add bacon. They had no idea who Clive was either.

Feeling discouraged I approached Darryl the “Burger Wrapper” who handed off the burger to Adam the “Burger Guru” who yelled at Derek the “Fry Guy” to hurry on those fries who then bagged my order and instructed Chelsea the “Barmaid” to have a cold beer ready to go. Again I had no luck in my search.

Feeling famished I chowed down on my delicious Clive Burger and sipped refreshing Blonde draft beer, when Josh the “Burger Baron” came to answer my never-ending quest to find Clive!

My search was over! Josh informed me that I wouldn’t find Clive as he is the father of one of the restaurant investors – and the best part is…he doesn’t even know the burger joint is named after him! SURPRISE uncle CLIVE!

If you are in the mood for grooves and late night food be sure to check out Clive Jam and their DJ “Clive Style”!

Mission complete.

Mr. Fabs fabulous friend – Terrence!

  1. The girl at the register is adorable. You should post phone numbers of all people in the pics.

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