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You’re an ICON!

May 21, 2012

Do you recall Downtown Calgary’s ‘Fashion Icon’s’ Campaign from last year?

I sure do!

I would see this marketing everyday; billboards, posters and if I’m not mistaken, they were even in print publications.

Everyday jealousy got the best of me and I dreamt that one day I might be considered for Downtown Calgary’s Style Icon;

And now we all can be!

Currently applications are open for nominations or self-submissions for stylish Calgarians to be featured in the annual Fall Back to Style campaign!

You know you’re all fabulous so go submit yourself or a friend.

Style is all about what suits you best…

So if your best look is pajama pants and off the shoulder.

Then let it be!

Style Icons epitomize style in fashion, attitude, and lifestyle.

Nominees should live or work downtown, or be a huge fan of all that downtown has to offer – shopping, dining, and entertainment.

Applications are quick and easy, a few questions and a photo!

Click HERE to get started!

Good luck, I hope to see you (or me) in the up coming campaign!

Mr. Fab icon?


Looking forward to reading your comments!