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Famous Fridays (WWF Million Dollar Man)

May 18, 2012

In my life I have been lucky enough to have met a wide variety of famous people and celebrities. Some I have worked with and for, and some have been chance meetings in the middle of the street.

One thing I have never had to do was pay to have my photo taken with one. But a few weeks ago I was at a Comic and Entertainment Expo and it seemed the only way to get the photo was if you where willing to ‘second mortgage’ your house.

A picture with the entire cast of Star Trek the Next Generation, $495!?

Were they getting oral with that?

I’d rather just buy the box collection and take photos with me in front of the TV screen with the DVD on pause.

As I walked through the crowds of people worming around stations and waiting in lines for their chance to drop a stack of hundreds, I wandered past an empty que with a lone celebrity sitting at a table. I squint to see who it was and when my focus fixed on the ‘celebrity’ my jaw hit the ground!

It was none other than the Million Dollar Man, Ted DiBiase, from WWF fame.

Every weekend as a child, my older brother would would watch endless hours of wrestling crafting his torturous moves, then would spend the rest of the week tormenting me with them.

Numerous Royal Rumbles and Cage matches later I developed a ‘like’ for the show.

My favorite wrestlers;

The British Bulldog Boys and The Million Dollar Man!

His notable move… Shoving hundred dollar bills in his opponents mouth after they were out cold…

And after paying him his rate of $10 a photo… I was transported into the ring circa 1987

Ted, you are the first person I’ve ever paid to have a photo with, but it was well worth it!

And to my brother… We’re coming for you!

Mr. Fab match

  1. OMG! I totally know the two people in Star Trek uniforms in that picture! It’s Marcedes & David! Small World!!

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