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Uniqlo; Coca-Cola T-Shirt Giveaway

May 17, 2012

On Monday, May 14th, the world began to sample the newest collaboration between Uniqlo and the world’s most iconic beverage brand, Coca Cola;  the 2012 UTGP collection of 10 t-shirts.

And they want to give a FAB reader one!

The ten winning designs form the culmination of Uniqlo’s 8th Annual UT Grand Prix (UTGP) T-shirt design contest.

They draw inspiration from the beverage brand’s illustrious design heritage, referencing everything from the contour bottle to its world-renowned logo and historic campaign slogans. Underlying all the designs is a focus on the happiness and optimism values that have been at the heart of the brand for over 125 years.

6,288 design submissions were received in total.

The overall winner is Karrie Lee (Lee Lai Yan) from Hong Kong. She was selected by a panel of judges which included Tadashi Yanai, Chairman of Uniqlo.

Her design features a friend of her’s sipping on a can of Coke through a straw, graphically arranged in a zig-zag pattern down the front of a black and red T.

If you’ve never been to Uniqlo, the stores are located in Manhattan and sell a variety of interesting clothing that I can best compare to American Apparel at a better price point.

These shirts will be sold in store and online for $19.90.

If you’d like to win one, you have two ways to enter;

#1 Tweet the Following:

Cool new t-shirt collection from @UniqloUSA and you can win one from @immrfabulous I want it!


#2 Comment Below:

Tell me “Whats your favorite Coca-Cola branded drink?”

A winner will be chosen randomly and prize mailed out anywhere in the world!

I wish I could have entered!

Mr. Fab iqlo

  1. Mr. Fab i would loooooove to win this t-shirt! so awesome! My faveorite CC product is definitely Diet Coke! Love it!

  2. I drink enough Coke in a day to guarantee myself cancer, so I think the shirt appropriate. My favourite is Cherry Coke Zero, something Coke refuses to bring to Canada and must be smuggled across borders like cocaine: in my ass.

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Looking forward to reading your comments!