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What to Wear Wednesday (Convertible Shoes)

May 16, 2012

Creative, original and innovative design doesn’t always have to be expensive.

Recently on a weekday stroll through the mall, I popped my head into a store called Spring. The bright colors of their deck shoes in the window called to me and I decided to see what else they offered.

The store, which is the sister store to Aldo, has added a few pair of seasonal shoes to my wardrobe over the years. Not always the highest in the quality department; after a summer of sock-less feet in their shoes, I usually toss them out before I notice a problem with construction.

On this visit I was shocked to see a concept I had never seen before.

The Convertible High Top

I am a big fan of the high top and it’s the majority of what I own.

But sometimes when wardrobe asks me to bring a few of my own clothing options for photo shoots or film sets, they’re usually not a fan of my shoe options.

The good news… Now we can both be happy!

With a quick zip, the ‘high’ portion can be removed and a what’s left is a standard looking low top shoe.

I have no idea what took the shoe world so long to come up with this really cool convertible shoe idea, but I like what I see…

I can only imagine what will be next… shoes to flip-flops?

Great work Spring, showing us guys something new!

Mr. Fab vertible


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