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All Aboard the Fiasco Gelato Food Truck

May 11, 2012

With summer here, I can’t think of a better way to treat myself than with some refreshing Gelato!

But is there a way to get it without having to stop my day of fun in the sun?

Thank heavens for the Fiasco Gelato Food Truck!

With a simple tweet to my new-found friends, they were nice enough to let me pop by the truck for a little Gelato 101.

Fiasco Gelato hit the market place in 2004 in Calgary AB by giving the people what they wanted.

“A superior product, made in-house fresh daily, delivered by great customer service at a reasonable price”

So what IS Gelato?

Gelato is rich, soft, Italian ice-cream. Handcrafted with milk, the finest ingredients and very little air, fat or sugar.

Add in the genius combinations of fruits & flavors and you have FIASCO. Some of the most creamy and flavourful gelato on the market!

And with so many delicious unique flavors, which are always being swapped out, no matter how many times you visit the store or food truck this summer, you’ll always be surprised with a new creation!

And don’t be shy to ask for a sample… They’re more than happy to let you try before you buy… And if you get lucky, Mr. Fab might just be there to feed it to you!

So make sure to follow Fiasco Gelato on Twitter so you can keep tabs on their ever-changing location throughout the city this summer!

Thanks boys for letting me visit, you’ll be seeing my tanned face all summer long!

Mr. Fab lato


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