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Comic Expo Recap

May 9, 2012

I’m a pretty ‘sure thing’ in any situation; eat some food, grab a cocktail and I’ll work the room, However this was not the case at the 33rd annual Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo… or more lovingly known, ComicCon.

Here is the memo I must have missed:

If you’re going to wear pink, you better be dressed as Jiggly Puff from Pokemon

Wearing pink plaid I definitely stood out!

Walking the room I realized that there truly is something for everyone.

Personally I like shopping, eating sweets and turning my livingroom into a lip syncing stage on a Saturday night.

But this crowd…pictures speak louder than words.

These were not costumes found in the 75% off bin at Wal-Mart a week after Halloween. These comic connoisseurs meant business and dedicated a major amount of time to their craft.

This was my first time at the Comic Expo and although my favourite characters Richie Rich and Casper weren’t present, I have to give major props to these guys… Masters of the Universe was pretty cool!

Now the costumes weren’t the only highlight of the show. Passing through the thick crowds of comic fans, I overheard some pretty great comments.

So I leave you with a few of my favorites from the Expo.

  • “I have a #1 Phillips screwdriver if anyone needs it”
  • “I’m dressed as an assassin, killing is my business”

and by far the best statement of the night;

  • We have no time to eat, I have to go buy a sword!”

Although this wasn’t my dream event, it was for many others,  and as I always say;

“Everybody deserves to feel fabulous!”

Mr. Fab and comic expo

  1. I really appreciate that you threw a refrence to Jigglypuff in there, however; I would have appreciated it much more if you actually wore a Jigglypuff costume. Next year my friend, next year…

Looking forward to reading your comments!