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Giveaway for MOM from Papyrus

May 7, 2012

The crunch is on; Mother’s Day is one week away and thanks to my friends over at Papyrus, in CORE Shopping Calgary, finding the perfect card & gifts will be all taken care of for one of my lucky readers.

I say it every special occasion and my feelings have still not changed; this store has the best selection of unique and impressive cards at a very reasonable price.

And with each new gif-table holiday a collection of new and exciting products roll on to the store’s shelves.

This mother’s day, beautiful frames and photo albums are on the top of my giving list.

As always, and getting way ahead of myself, I picked a 50 slot photo album for my Mom. Now as time dwindles, I no longer have time to select 50 photos and have them printed. I regret making that choice and realized I should have opted for a much simpler 1 picture photo frame!

But with my lesson learned I can assure you no such photo album will be included in your prize pack…

But what will???

Obviously we’ve got to start with a card of your choice… after all, I don’t know your mother so it’s best you pick one out in the store.

Then a single picture 4×6 photo frame ($15.00). I’m sure you’ll be able to dig up one photo of you and her and if not, you can always draw one!

Now all Moms love candles so you’ve gotta have one of those in this gift too! The fresh smelling ‘Prairie Grasslands’ soy wax candle ($22.00), is the perfect choice.

Okay so now the perfect gift is ready, but if your anything like my brother, wrapping is not your Forté. Luckily Papyrus has thought of EVERYTHING! They have a great gift wrapping service as well, and for a small fee they will save you from gifting it ‘man’ style in a paper bag.

To win this very generous prize from my friends at Papyrus you’ll have two ways to enter;

#1 Tweet the following;

Thanks @immrfabulous for the gift idea from Papyrus @COREshopping I know my Mom would love the gift you’re giving away!


#2 Comment Below;

Tell me ‘What’s your Mom’s middle name?’

One of my best friends is having a baby so I thought this would be a great way to help her source a name.

I’ll randomly select a winner on Wednesday and you can pop into the store the next day to pick up your prize!

Mr. Fab others Day

  1. My mom’s middle name is Mary 🙂 probably not what your friend wants to name her kid!

  2. My mom’s middle name is a pretty unique one – it’s Gaye. Although it’s her middle name, she actually uses it as her first since it’s what her parents always used to call her. I never tire of people’s confused reactions when she introduces herself as, “Hi, I’m Gaye.”

    Fantastic contest!! My mom is totally awesome and I love her to pieces, so this would be such a great gift for Mother’s Day…. she and I both totally adore Papyrus! Really hope I win, fingers crossed!

  3. My mum Doesn’t have a middle name, which really annoys her, she gets so mad at her mum for not giving her one! so she gave me and my brother middle names to make up for it! Mines Lisa and his is Marc.

  4. her first name is Letty, which is way better than Marie. ps – tell your friedn to ick her name out of NARNIA books. 😛 That is what my 5yr old nephew told my sister he will do for his new sibling.

  5. My moms middle name is Cecilia! P.S there is a store location at the Cornwall Center 😉

  6. My mom’s middle name is Evelina. I always wanted to use that for my daughter. But I will lend it to your friend if she so wishes. But you’ll have to give my mom the goodies! Hehe

  7. My mom’s mine and my baby’s middle name is Rose, which is my grandmother’s name. I always thought it was kind of an old person’s name until I associated it with a flower.

Looking forward to reading your comments!