City Pass; The Best Way to Sight-See

April 26, 2012

I’m a drive-by traveler, I like to arrive, see the hot spots and then get outta dodge… Staying in hostels and feeling out the culture is not my cup of tea.

And the best way to see what a city has to offer is City PassIt is a booklet with pre-paid tickets to popular attractions in big North American cities.

The last time I used the pass was in NYC. Buying the pass in advance not only saved me over 50% off regular ticket prices but in most cases saved me time!

Having the pass in advance save me the trouble of waiting in lines to purchase venue tickets and on a busy day at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC it let me skip the wait line all together.

Here’s what $89 got me in to;

  • Empire State Building

  • Museum of Natural History
  • The Met
  • MoMA
  • Guggenheim

and the very best…

  • A 1 hour tour cruise around Manhattan, which took us up right beside the Statue of Liberty!

The City Pass is available for 10 popular tourist cities in the USA and 1 in Canada.

They are super easy to buy online with a Visa or Airmiles and equally easy to use at the destination.

Bottom line, they are the best way to experience the best a city has to offer and an easy and affordable way to gain access.

I’ll be heading to Seattle in a few weeks with my brother and you better believe I bought my passes for that city!

We are in for a sight-seeing treat!

Mr. Fab pass


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