Tasty Tuesday – Goldfish

April 24, 2012

Although I’m not 4 and eating in a plastic bowl while I lay on my tummy watching cartoons… I still love me some mini crackers!

Now the last time I had Goldfish, they were cheese; salty and orange, they were a classic cracker with a addicting taste.

So it was to my shock and surprise on a recent run to the Target to see the classics missing from the shelf and in its place, a whole new cluster of flavors!

Sour Cream & Onion and White Cheddar

An easy transition from the original… Much like the Parmesan and Pretzel variety

All easy tastes that could replace the little guys floating around in my soup.

Then Chocolate and Chocolate Chip to sweeten things up for desert

I could make a whole menu outta these things!

But then things start getting ‘busy’ with the new Flavor Blast and Mix-Up.

Explosive Pizza and Parmesan

These things would have me rolling in bed at night with a wicked case of heartburn.

To sweeten the tummy and add to the indigestion, I could top things off with Vanilla Cupcake and Xtra Chocolate

That’s right friends, single chocolate is for the regular folks!

And rounding off the sleepless night we’ve got Cookies & Cream and Smores Adventure

A mix of chocolate, honey graham crackers and marshmallow.

Something tells me Pepperidge Farm has got to be in cahoots with pepto bismol!

For now I think I’ll stick to the actual food rather than the flavored cracker…

All in moderation of course!

Mr. Fab fish


Looking forward to reading your comments!