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Mr. Fab the Airline

April 23, 2012

When there is a drought of fabulous parties to attend I use the opportunity to make money…  Such was the case this week…

The theme was Airline and with it was to come one of the sexiest and well paid ‘Aircrew’ in the industry.

Mr. Fab plays Pilot

Not knowing any pilots and only seeing the premier episode of Pan Am I wasn’t quite sure how business was to be conducted, so I took my tips from the show and creeped on the stewardesses.

The party kicked off and turned out to be much more tame than I expected. I decided, as a professional, I should try and conduct myself a little bit better and no matter how hard stewardesses tried to get me to join the ‘mile high’ club, I resisted!

As the night wound down I spied a photo booth from accross the room. Heading over I decided to use it as my own private photo op cockpit.

For now Ill stick to my lavish parties and leave the flying to the professionals

Mr. Fab jet


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