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My Big Win at the SAM Awards

April 16, 2012

Finally a simple invite to a seemingly normal event… But a chocolate toffee covered pretzel was about to change the game!

Welcome to the SAM Awards!

The biggest night for Alberta residential builders; the cream of the crop were all in attendance and Mr.Fab was about to chomp down on the sweetest pretzel! In one crunchy bite my tooth was gone and an emergency call was being made to the dentist.

But would this stop the Fab-inator?… Absolutely not! As I grabbed a bottle of wine, I knew I could still make this a successful night.

A wee bite of a soft creamy desert to fill my tummy, then glass after glass of wine and a few Tylenol later, the pain was undetectable and so became my common sense.

The announcement was about to be made; The Builder of the Year Award.

Jayman Homes!” The crowd broke into cheers and wild applause. And from there, a combination of excitement and a mix of pain medication and wine took over, I headed for the stage!

In my mind I had just won an award and I needed to accept my honour.

As I marched up on stage I turned and waved to the crowd.  The cameras panned to me and broadcast my happiness onto the large drop down screens throughout the venue. Suddenly I caught I glimpse of myself and reality kicked in… This was not my award, nor have I ever worked for a builder in my life.

The rest of the night is a blur, although looking at my photos the next day I was pleasantly surprised to see that Tara Slone, host of Breakfast Television, had even taken the time to pose for a photo and congratulate me on my win.

It was a great night at the SAM awards… Or at least the photos say it was.

Mr. Fab usted tooth


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