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Palm Springs Fashion Week

April 13, 2012

Several weeks ago I was on a plane and off to take advantage of a very generous invite; The closing runway show as a part of El Paseo Fashion Week.

Mark Zunino, who has designed and reinvigorated the Nolan Miller label for a large span of his life has also dressed such old school Hollywood celebrities like Elizabeth Taylor and Sophia Loren.

The night was exactly what I expected; A luxurious white tent filled with cocktails, food, and some of the most beautiful people of California. Mark Zunino’s 2012 spring collection was 35 minutes of opulence, dripping with elegant Hollywood red carpet glamour.

I was lucky to score a seat off to the side in the front row with some pretty fabulous ladies; CJ and Ambie. Blow outs and up-do’s where the name of the game beacause when Palm Spring women come out to play, they don’t mess around.

The show kicked off with a single model in an oversize black hat as ahe slinked down the runway the crowd bust into screams and applause, the energy in the room would rival that of any major sporting event.

I loved the choice not to use 18 year old models, keeping sophisticated and not offending the Palm Desert crowd. They choice was perfect, it streamlined the timeless nature and complexity of the designs.

I could feel the richness of the material as they floated down the runway.

One of the most amazing sets from the evening included a collection in whites and creams… So beautiful, any women in that audience would have divorced their husband just to have the chance to wear one in a second wedding, this may be the reason Elizabeth Taylor re-married so many times!

Thanks for the amazing night, It was a top notch show with some amazing talent!

Mr. Fab springs

Pardon the delay on this post; Palm Springs Life promised they would supply me with photos of the show for my readers. After numerous attempts to secure these photos with the PR company who had promised them I have finally given up… A flawless show with a bad finish. Thank goodness for the iPhone