Cereals you’ve NEVER seen!

April 10, 2012

A few weeks back a reader sent me a message asking me to source her out a box of Count Chocula on my travels.

This request made me wonder; If Canada doesn’t sell that well-known box of cereal, what else were we missing?

So across the border I went to see what my readers and I were missing in the breakfast food dept.

One of my favorite cereals is LIFE, classic and delicious… Surely it was a one hit wonder.

I was wrong!

Moving down the isles my eyes scouted Cheerios; Plain, Honey Nut and Multi Grain are the best us Canadians can do, but for our American neighbours…


Now I can stand for a cold shoulder in the caramel department, but when you start withholding Peanut Butter flavouring from me… Things are about to get rowdy!

Sick to my stomach I tried to flee the aisle and then Kellogg’s slapped me across the face!

First I see these little diddys in Mexico under the alias Nesquik Rellenos and now Krave in the USA…

And the cherry on the top;

I guess in Canada we are only worthy of a single loop!

Emotional and exhausted I closed my eyes and ran screaming for the door!

Oh America, you giant cereal hogs…

Open your boarders and share!

Mr. Fab real


Looking forward to reading your comments!