Surfing Sunday

Terrifying Easter Bunnies!

April 8, 2012

I love me a nasty ol’ mascot or filthy ol’ costume…. especially when parents force their kids to take pictures with them!

This special tradition is no longer reserved for just Santa!

Last year I was hired to play the White Rabbit

But I was cute!

What happens when  you’re on a budget and you can’t afford to hire Fab? You get these Bunnies;

And am I seeing things or is that a shoe and a childs leg to the left? Extra scary!

 This bunny barely escaped the house fire with his life! But thanks to talented Dr’s, they were able to offer him a successful facial reconstruction.

Last but not least I leave you this Holiday Sunday with one of my favorite videos…

Hope your Easter is filled with all the delicious 99 cent chocolate you can stomach!

Mr. Fab ster