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Famous Fridays (Bruce Greenwood)

April 6, 2012

You know when you see a person and think to yourself… ‘Where do I know you from’ and then it clicks… He’s “sorta” Famous!

This was the case with Bruce Greenwood

I met Mr. Greenwood at the opening night Gala for CIFF. I was heading down the stairs and he was heading up. With camera in hand I thought it no harm to say hello and ask for a photo.

He looked at me with a miserable face and didn’t say one word. Merely turned to the camera like a robot and tried to muster out a smile.

The moment was short and we quickly went our separate ways.

I’m sure when he is cashing his residual cheques from St. Elsewhere or Knots Landing, he has a much happier look upon his face.

It was ‘allright’ meeting you Bruce.

Mr. Fab lah


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