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Model Monday, I’m a Architect!

April 2, 2012

Another day and another exciting way to make a dollar, a stock shoot for a new company called ‘Hero Images’

Today I would be paying the roll of an architect!

Thank goodness for having an actual soon-to-be architect in my life , if there is one thing I’ve learned;

“You don’t touch the model!”

I had a blast working with this fabulous team, most of whom I’ve worked with before on other shoots.

It was a fun day of styling;

And being shot with other models in our ‘office’

On the reverse side of the camera was Kate who is a really cool chicka, she has such a great energy on set and makes all of us stock models feel real pretty!

This is my favorite photo from the day… I am portraying the ‘angry boss’, Someones getting a pink slip!

And I think it’s the smirking employee in the green!

Thanks for the work Hero Images, I can’t wait till the next one!

Mr. Fab model


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