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Vancouver Fashion Week in Review

March 28, 2012

On Friday I was lucky enough to hop a plane and jet off to take in Vancouver Fashion Week.  Now lets remind everyone that I am not a schooled fashionista; Most of my fashion knowledge comes from surveying hemlines at the Target, but I do know what I like, and when it comes to events… I’m an expert.

As I landed I pulled out my trusted iPhone and entered the address…. Two train rides and an hour later I was walking around a suburb of Vancouver looking for my final destination. With no tent in site I went to Twitter for help. Turns out the shows would be taking place downtown Vancouver… My trusty Google Map let me down and I was completely lost.

As the clock struck 630 I was running through the doors, the show was starting and I had just made it in time.  The first designer’s girls were on the runway, walking slower than an overdue mommy… Something told me this was going to be a long night.

The evening was to showcase 5 designers, after the first an announcement was made: “there will be a 10 minute intermission between sets.” 40 minutes later we had moved on to the next one.

Angel Eye brought us flowy fabrics sewn into short summer dresses, similar to a line from  Marc Jacobs this season; nice colours and simple, yet interesting prints.

Another intermission and another 10 minute promise… 30 minutes passed and another designer’s show began.

Well Groomed designs floated the runway with a mash of bright colors, mixed with busy designs. Toss in a splash of sequins and oddly placed ties finished with heavy bobbles and you had the girls up and down the catwalk whilst the ‘fashion’ knocked on their back doors.

It took traditional Indian fashion and spiced it up with a little “Ole!”… Very Cantina.

Yet another 40 minute break, I was dying to flee, but the best was yet to come;

Bano eeMee

With the designer ‘live’ styling the girls on the stage before their walk, it added an interesting dimension to the show.

Although not necessary as the tailored outerwear mixed with sexy sophisticated ready-to-wear had the crowd nearly jumping to their feet with applause as his set concluded!

I felt the entire collection would be very easy to transition from day to night, and I hope to see these pieces walking the streets this fall!

As the show was beyond running behind the crowd thinned and I was just about to walk. Then I heard the words ‘Recycled Furs’ used to describe Harricana Mariouche’s line and I knew I had to stay.

I was wild for the collection and then it hit, a furry faced man wearing fur!!! It took everything in me not to rush the stage for a quick pet.

Now speaking of pets, I have to bring up 2 really bad behaviours I saw at Vancouver Fashion Week that did not go un noticed.

#1 I don’t think its appropriate to bring your dog to a fashion show unless it’s a service animal. And why were you on the stage?

#2 This guy…

Why did you think it was ok to sit front row and talk on your phone during a designers set? I watched it happen. You should have been thrown out!

As we broke for yet another intermission I looked at my watch, the show was now running an hour over late and I couldn’t take another extended break; Although it was not fair to the final designer from Sweden I had to call it quits.

Fashion Week Vancouver…

Great talent, poor execution.

Mr. Fab


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