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Famous Friday (Coolio)

March 23, 2012

In the sin city, you can never be too sure who you will run into at any given hour.

This week while getting my groove on at Pure Nightclub in Las Vegas, through the crowded club something very odd caught my attention…

No it wasn’t the rabbit mascot spraying the crowd with ‘Moet’, it was a set of braids! Long skinny braids poking out the top of a visor. Not appropriate club wear, no regular patron would gain club admittance wearing that, I knew it had to be someone with money or possible a bit of notoriety. But it was 2012, who still wore braids?


Yes it was a ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’ and I was along for the ride.

Now not to cause a ‘SJP’ scene, my eyes darted the floor to look for his children, and with none in sight, I made my way over.

Coolio, who can’t be much taller than 5’6 was totally down when I asked him for a photo. His raspy low voice is exactly what you expect it expect it to be and although he didn’t have much to say to a complete stranger he was kind enough to make the time.

You’ll never know who you’ll meet in Vegas and in this instance; ‘What happened in Vegas, surely didn’t stay there!’

Mr. Fab lio


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