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Blue Man Group (Fab Reader Review)

March 22, 2012

As I can’t always attend every event, I like to ask my readers to take my place and share with me what I missed.

On Tuesday, Jasmine and her daughter took my place at the opening of Blue Man Group in Calgary. Here’s what she thought;

“So as one of Mr Fab’s lucky fans, I was able to attend a show on his behalf on Tuesday;

I was not entirely sure what to expect of this show but my initial thought was that it would be loud and crazy… In this regards, I was not disappointed!

There were two bands accompanied by house music and extremely talented drumming by the blue men on any and all surfaces such as pipes, containers, drums and paint filled drums that exploded colour up and into the air so high that the first four rows were provided with rain ponchos!!!

Mix in the most amazing light show imaginable. Every inch of the stage, background and performer covered  in neon reflecting material that lit up to the beat of the music.

Not only was this an amazing musical and light show for the senses but it was also filled with family and ‘adult’ style humour and included just the right amount of audience participation to make us feel a part of the ‘group’

I was lucky enough to bring my eleven year old daughter to the show and she said her favourite part was when the blue men had us all stand up, dance and shake our “booty’s” (one of the many things they called it that night in a song) while they launched six enormous glowing bouncing balls into the crowd for us to pass around like balloons!!!

All this was accompanied by streamers, lights, music, drumming and more dancing to close up the show. I feel like it has been a long time since I have been that entertained by three (blue) men that did not speak a word.

Thanks for the great night Blue Man Group and Mr. Fab!”

Miss. Fab fan

Blue Man Group plays evenings through March 25th and include additional Saturday and Sunday matinees.


Looking forward to reading your comments!