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What to Wear Wednesday (Marc by Marc Jewelry)

March 21, 2012

As I wait for the days when it will be okay for men to carry a clutch, I celebrate by wearing gorgeous necklaces.

No not a double strand of pearls, I’m not a ‘Golden Girl’, but sensible long chains with interesting pendants. Thanks to one of my favorite designers, Marc Jacobs, he has been keeping the styles current, fresh and gender neutral.

I thought I’d share some of my most cherished ones all sold under the Marc by Marc line.

I bought this golden wishbone, which came in silver too, as gift for a few close friends as well as myself. I can’t imagine that this necklace will be around much longer as when I wear it all I want to do is snap it in half.

This next one is by far the most ingenious bling

It looks simple but when you flick the rotating disc the words ‘I LOVE YOU’ appear. I bought it originally for a gift but then kept it as this one is hard to come by.

Lastly the newest to my collection;

The most masculine of them all, a metal dart on a chain.

As much as I am in love with the design of all these necklaces I am most in love with the price point and the limited availability.

You’ll always feel original and I’ve never seen any of them exceed a couple of twenties.

Thanks Marc by Marc for keeping things edgy and price accessible.

Mr. Fab by Fab


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