Search Me Saturdays

Fab’s ‘Search Me’ Kickback!

March 19, 2012

A while ago I took some heat for abandoning my readers on the weekends but more so for putting a stop to my “Search Me Saturdays” feature where I check my statistics and find the most nonsensical searches which directed traffic to my site…

So today I have decided to dig in to the vaults and find the top 3 most ridiculous search terms which in turn have brought readers to my site…

#1 ‘Tree Make-up’

I can just picture a tree walking into Sephora and asking for a colour corrector for its uneven complexion.

#2 ‘Gay Popsicle’

Who knew there was more than just orange, cherry and grape?

Whatever this ‘Biebers’ preference, it still tastes just as delicious to me!

#3 ‘Spanx-like support wear for the cheapskate’

I can only image how the mid-evening disaster would un fold when half way through your entrée you bust a gut… This is probably the same person who searched free pictures of chocolate candy’

Once again Google you have not let my readers down!

Keep the crazies coming!

Mr. Fab oogle


Looking forward to reading your comments!