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TOUCH and make a difference #globalTOUCH

March 15, 2012

I love to receive random packages in the mail and yesterday I was the lucky recepient of something very special. But this was not the usual swag, this one came with a very particular purpose.

Find the person, place, or thing that has touched my life today and made a difference to me no matter how big or small, take a photo, hit send and pass the phone on to someone else to do the same.

To celebrate the new dramatic series, Touch starring Kiefer Sutherland (which will air on Thursday March 22 – 9pm/EST, Global), wants us to inspire one another with things that are meaningful to us.

For each image recieved 10 cents will be donated to the Make-A-Wish Foundation… Your seemingly easy task will touch the lives of someone else in the end.

So if you see this phone, take a picture and pass it on!

Thanks Global for the mystery package which will make the world of difference for someone else!

Follow the photos online or on Twitter #globalTOUCH

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