Tasty Tuesday; Mystery M&Ms

March 13, 2012

As I was trolling up and down the isles at Target last week on my most recent trip to the USA. I spotted something peering at me that I had never seen before. Tucked deep in the back of a shelf, long forgotten about and certainly passed in shelf life, a mystery flavour of M&Ms I had never seen before;

Cinnamon Flavour

My best guess is that these may have been out during Christmas, but with the snow long gone, these should have been too.

So what did I think?

In my mind I had visions of them tasting like a buttery cinnamon sugar waffle, but at first crunch they taste exactly like regular milk chocolate M&Ms. As I continued to chew I examined the bag to make sure my eyes hadn’t alluded me. But as I swallowed, BAM, there was the spice!

Not overly hot, just simple like a shot of Binaca or like one of those cinnamon flavoured toothpicks that were all the rage in the late 80’s

Nothing like had expected yet I was pleasantly thrilled.

I now will forever be scouring the Target shelves looking for more lost and forgotten treasures!

Mr. Fab amon


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