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March 12, 2012

On Saturday I was invited to what may have been the most unexpectedly amazing event.

Now, I had heard of PARK, which stands for “Promoting Artists, Redefining Kulture,” before; the concept is obviously honourable, supporting our un-sung fashion heroes… But how were they going to present it to the masses?

 The PARK Show

A night of runway that ended up being on par with some of the most most well known designer shows I have been to.

The stage was set, a large space with unfinished concrete floors, chairs set in a ‘U’ formation creating a runway for the models to strut their stuff on. The most unexpected part? Mr.Fab front row…

I had died and gone to ‘event’ heaven!

Although amazing, that wasn’t the best part: the models of  Sophia Models worked the runway showing me some of the most amazing designs being conceived and tailored in Calgary.

From Hoakon + Helga , I witnessed a walking purse shop…

To the amazing textile skirts with leggings from Manokin

Then when the designs of KARA came out, jealousy over not being born a women took over… The clever cutouts featured in the back of one of the dresses kept things on edge, sexy and classy all at the same time.

Sorry photo is on it’s way

And the shoes she paired them with from Gravity Pope, were ‘Best in Show’

But with no argument the absolute stand out designer of the night for me has got to be Rebecca King.

The creative detailing and interesting cuts thrust her to the forefront of realistic and wearable high-end couture. Her line could rival the current collection , T by Alexander Wang.

And don’t even get me started on her Cape with Elbow Pads! (photo by Chuck Szmurlo)

It was creative and perfect!

As the show came to a close we were treated to one last surprise, a live dance performance. It was so good I was just about to jump out of my seat and join in when I saw security give me the hairy eyeball.

Now in the next two weeks I will be in Vancouver and Palm Springs covering their fashion weeks; I have to tell you, they have got a lot of work to do to come close to WOWing me like PARK show has.

A brilliantly fabulous event, I can’t wait for the next one!

Mr. Fab ark


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