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“Mr. Fab’s 80’s Lunchbox” at Jelly Modern!

March 9, 2012

Some days you just think you hit the lottery, but for me, something more exciting than that has happened.

Last week I was invited into the kitchen of Jelly Modern, which will soon be featured on ‘You Gotta Eat Here!’ on the Food Network, to create my own custom doughnut which will be sold this weekend at the store!

With extreme honour I am proud to introduce;

After months of toiling over a concept for the delicious concoction, I finally settled on the ingredients; how to put them all together was a whole other ball game. So armed with my ideas I headed in to the Jelly Modern kitchen to meet with Grayson, the doughnut-ologist, who has been the man behind so many amazing flavour combinations which have put this unique doughnut shop on the map!

I wanted to create a doughnut with the things I loved from my childhood and when I was informed that a melted down ‘My Little Pony’ wouldn’t be a hot sell, I decided to choose staples I lived on as a child of the 80’s; everything I snacked on while watching endless episodes of Saved by the Bell!

But how would all these translate into a doughnut? Grayson was about to walk me through the process of creating a delicious doughnut that was there to tell a story.

First I thought of Peanut Butter… A glaze would be delicious!

But after making the glaze and dipping the doughnut, there just wasn’t enough ‘Pizzaz’; and although Grayson pointed out that “not all doughnuts can be beauty queens,” a plain beige doughnut did not scream FAB!

As I scrapped the glaze idea I thought, “This donut needs something more… what else was in my lunchbox growing up?” That’s when it hit me…

Homemade Rice Krispie treats!!

With the amazing talents of Grayson on my side and his ‘culinary muse’ on his shoulder, he was able to whip me up Marshmallow Fluff!

After swirling that on top of the doughnut and dipping it, I knew we were almost there! But it still needed peanut butter and a bit of colour.

PB & Raspberry Jelly!

Front and centre, a healthy portion of homemade jelly and a giant dollop of peanut butter, squeezed into the middle!

After sooo many different combos I knew this was right mix!

But one last concern… Would it past the taste test?

I was 100% sold with the mix of flavors and textures, they warped me right back to Cabbage Patch Dolls and Skip-Its!

It was official, Mr. Fab’s 80’s Lunchbox was complete and ready for the fans. Now this doughnut will be sold for two days, March 10th & 11th! After that it will be retired to the land of 80’s relics; Cassette Tapes, Hammer Pants, and half sprayed bottles of ‘Exclamation.’

So don’t miss your perfect chance, head into Jelly Modern and taste this amazing doughnut and see how their unique concept has transformed the classic doughnut shop into so much more!!

Thank-you to the entire team at Jelly Modern, you have made a little boy’s dream come true!

Mr. Fab‘s 80’s Lunchbox


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