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Mr. Fab goes Cupid

March 5, 2012

When it comes to making money in an unconventional way, I’m up for almost anything. So this Valentine’s Day when I was asked to check my humility at the door and play Cupid for an hour, I couldn’t say no.

The only condition was that I got to try on the costume first, so off to the Costume Shop I went. After 10 minutes, promising me that they had a costume, the owner returned from the back room with a set of wings and these;

Wanting the paycheque, I wrestled them on… One look in the mirror and all bets were off; There was not enough money in the world to make this okay. I was going to have to make the costume myself!

After a quick trip to Michael’s, I was glue gun ready and after a solid night of crafting I was ready for my big moment.

My contract was for one hour and things were off to a good start, apparently I signed a clause about being photographed with every employee, this all sounded like a good idea but then things took a ‘turn’ for the worse!

These employees were not just looking for the ‘Mom and Pop’ style photo shoot…

For the remainder of the hour I tried to black out what was happening.

At the end of the day, everyone had a great time and a keepsake of my appearance.

I figure I might as well put some of these photos out before I am rich and famous and they’re leaked to the press!

I just wish someone would have told me that my costume was see-through

Hey, you win some and you lose some…

Another day another fabulous dollar!

Mr. Fab entine’s day


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