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Mission 2012: WineFest Returns

February 27, 2012

After a year of waiting and hoping I had finally received the invite I was waiting for, WineFest was making it’s return to Calgary and I was on the invite list.

It was time for me to plan my attack, if there was one thing I learned from WineFest 2011, it was to have a strategy and bring backup.

As I entered the room, I made a B line for the back. I needed some space to look at my tasting guide and give myself a pep talk. Over 300 choices where available to sample, I had to streamline what I was there to taste.

As I am a fan of bubbles, I scouted the room and hit up my old friends at Cupcake Vineyard.

I am a fan of the name, label, taste and especially the price point! This semi-sweet Prosecco with hints of white peach, grapefruit and honeydew melon will run you about $16.

Next it was time to hit up some Reds, and this years star of the show for me was an Organic Wine;

Chateau Haut Mallet ($22.95)

A smooth oak-y and vanilla taste, with hints of pepper to finish it off. Perfect Balance for cozy night at home with a loved one.

Then trouble hit and I was de-railed from my tracks, something I had not planned for; A table of dessert wines so sweet that your teeth would jump out of your mouth just from looking at them!

Ricossa Moscato D’Asti ($16.95)

Part floral, part citrus and a whole lot of Aunt Jemima. I’d pour a healthy dose of this over a stack of pancakes to get my morning started!

After having second and third ‘tastes’ things started to become a little hazy and with my sweet tooth now aggressively seeking more I grabbed my back-up and headed over to Choco Noir

Like liquified easter bunny I would add this to my coffee, hot chocolate, mix martinis with or just sip right from the bottle! It doesn’t get anymore delicious than Choco Noir!

With my dignity and self-respect fleeting, it was time to call it a day but not before a hike over to Copa Di Vino to pick up a couple of their amazing new concept…

‘Cups of Wine’, no corkscrew needed and a resealable top… It’s a gift from heaven!

Once again WineFest had shocked and amazed me… Not to mention introduced me to a ton of new tastes and products I hadn’t even known were on the market.

Here are a few other stand out and notable mentions from the night;

Best Labeling – 19 Crimes (who doesn’t like a ‘bad boy’)

Best ‘True to Taste’  – Rimon Winery (it all tastes like Pomegranate)

Most Unique and Special – Fallentimber Meadery (you’ve gotta try this Mead!)

It’s no wonder this event sells out every year!

A big thanks to my friends at Brookline PR for hosting myself and several lucky readers.

I will be impatiently waiting next year!

Mr. Fab fest!


Looking forward to reading your comments!