PB&J Liquid Form

February 23, 2012

Sometimes I’ll see something that my better judgement tells me to stay away from, but as an un-qualified foodie, my tummy begs me!

This was the case when I spotted this little diddy in the cooler at the Sugar Factory in Las Vegas.

Peanut Butter and Jelly Soda;

I knew I should have stayed away but it was around noon and I was peck-ish and thirsty, I thought this would be a good fix…

So what did it taste like???

You know how when you’re eating a bag of M&M’s and you hit that one dirty tasting peanut… Kind of like that but then imagine you sucked the chocolate off, and it’s fallen behind the couch only to have you find it months later… And then you think, “How bad could this taste? Nobody’s looking!”

It kind of tastes like that… With a hint of Smuckers.

Not my finest decision!

Mr. Fab soda


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