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Thylane Blondeau, Haute or Not?

February 17, 2012

I am a regular reader of Vogue and what I love most about flipping the pages is that I know I am going to see something I have never seen before. Be it the fashion story, the model, or the concept, something always jumps out at me.

Recently in French Vogue, which is a lot more ‘liberal’ with their shoots (ie: boob shots), quite the controversy was raised about a model who was used.

Thylane Blondeau, the model in question, is 10 years old.

The firestorm hit over the “sexually provocative poses” showcased it the spread.

Thylane has been a model since she was the age of 4 and has walked the runway for Jean Paul Gaultier.

Due to the controversy her parents have since pulled her out of school as to protect her from the backlash. They’ve stated; “These were little girls playing dress up. This was a photo shoot at which there was no discomfort, no controversy, no ulterior motive. It’s a terrible thing to take this photo out of context and attack my daughter”

I am so curious to find out what others think, so I am asking you!

I’d also be interested in your comments! (leave them below)

To add food for thought over this whole debacle, here are two other images you should consider…

Miley Cyrus

This famed photo from world-renowned photographer Annie Lebovitz created quite the negative press after it appeared in Vanity Fair… Outrage that it was exploiting her in a sexual nature.

Mary Kate Olsen

This photo, which if cropped, would be extremely similar the above photo also received negative press but not over the concern of a sexual nature….

So where do you draw the line? It’s a ‘haute’ topic…

I’ll let you decide!

Mr. Fab

  1. Haha I find nothing wrong with this!!! Super cute! Totally looks like a kid playing dress up! The big necklace! Haha

  2. Yes, but the way she looks at the camera doesn’t at all look like a child playing dress up…

  3. Your children dont play dress up as “sexy adults.” DONT PEOPLE THINK? There are pedophiles out there, so why dont we parade our children around in come hither clothing, take pictures, and post them in a place where ALL the pedophiles in the world can see? Yeah, not smart. This mother needs to grow up and see that the effects of these images go far outside some “negative backlash” they are actually encouraging to older men. I dont care if vogue wishes to push the boundaries, she as the mother has a responsibility to protect her child and guild her from danger and to socially acceptable and age appropriate behavior and attire. She states that her daughter was attacked. Nobody from what I have seen has expressed that this CHILD was in the wrong. The negative backlash was for the irresponsible mother. The entire world doesn’t revolve around fashion, there are dangers out there and other things to consider. That being said there is nothing wrong with fashion being important to someone, so long as they are dressed appropriately to there age and they can understand the world and the different perceptions people can have on you-including sexual ones. If your not old enough to understand sexuality and be able to understand how others will feel about your sexuality than you are not old enough to be precived sexually. Find someone who says a 10 year old should be sexually thought of and Ill be suspicious as to there motives at the least and then I will be ashamed at there ignorance as to what that actually means for a ten year old little girl.

Looking forward to reading your comments!