February 13, 2012

There are so many different aspects of an event that qualify them as  “fabulous” to me and this weekend Schmancy, put on by the Glenbow Museum, was one of them.

First off, I am in love with the Glenbow as a gallery. It took me over 6 years of living in Calgary before I first walked through their doors and what a mistake not visiting earlier was! Now every time I hear of a new exhibit or instalment, I can’t wait to be the first to see it.

So when I received an invite to Schmancy, an enticing evening filled with  entertainment, art, music and a decadent array of cuisine and cocktails, I was clicking my heels!

This event was so large, spread over 4 floors of the gallery with so much going on, I can assure you that every patron would have had a unique experience. But what did I love most about Schmancy?

Besides the interesting food,

and some of the best desserts I have ever eaten…

There were great drinks being sampled in a creative drink competition and some of the most well dressed, good-looking people in Calgary. But the greatest part of the night was the ‘Make your own Facinator’ Art Room

No kidding, this room was pimped out with all the tools you needed to give Kate Middleton a run for her money. There were feathers, gems, and ribbons, all mixed in with tipsy party goers and then topped off with 50 or so hot glue guns!

When I woke in the morning it took me a while to figure out why the tips of my fingers were crusty and where my prints had gone… But it was all for the cause of a beautiful head-piece.

Now I do have one beef about the event, something that really pickled my cucumber and although my mother told me to just be appreciative and say thanks for the invite graciously, I do have to bring this up.

Another great feature of the evening was an artifact scavenger hunt which required you to abandon your food and drink so you could tour the gallery and try to solve near impossible clues.

Equipped with a team of friends and mini golf pencils we were off to the races! Nearly 17 hours later, parched and famished we were finished. So proud of ourselves and certain we were the only team to complete this challenge we went to submit our paperwork. Up and down all 4  floors looking for the submission box we were told they had removed the boxes and our hard work was no longer valid. To our horror we did not read the fine print, the contest had closed at 10pm.

Defeated the girls removed their heels to let their pups breath as I filled their purses with candy from the mobile person driven desert table and we were on our way.

T’was and amazing night and I suppose I never would have learned that “Kilt wearing Warriors took snuff from a ‘Rams Head’ in the mess hall.”

Thanks Glenbow, You indeed know how to Scmancy this city up!

Mr. Fabcy


Looking forward to reading your comments!