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Valentine’s Movie Night

February 7, 2012

Pulling off any master move around your partner will be difficult, especially those that require a little ‘Night Reconniassance Mission’

You don’t always need to drag in a circus act to impress your loved one, sometimes it’s something small that shows them you’ve been listening and you care.

So why not stay in on Valentine’s and woo him/her with a candy filled movie night.

But where to get the perfect movie?

This is where the ‘cover of darkness’ comes into play;

Over at Walmart they have a wide selection of romantic flicks in a dedicated section to make things easy for you. Movies from back in the day and today are available for between $4.97- $14.97 and trust me, they have everything. If you know your honey well enough your going to come out of there a champ.

But don’t stop there, you’ve already done the dirty deed of going to Walmart and if no one has spotted you yet, keep on going… You’ll need to hit the candy section!

Now don’t buy anything you like, unless it’s a commonality you two share. If you bring a mit full of your favs home, it’ll be an instant fight and a toothache will be the least of your worries.

Please don’t just walk in the door and toss your nasty Walmart bag on the counter, you need to set the stage!

Pull your duvet off the bed, move the coffee table to the side and pile as many pillows on the floor as you can. Then get an assortment of bowls and jars and set up a mini candy station at arms reach!

For $20 bucks this night is going to create a priceless memory and your thoughtfulness makes this a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day!

Mr. Fab night

Want to win a fabulous card to go along with date night from Papyrus? Just comment below for your chance to win!

Whats your favorite candy?

Winners will be notified by midnight and can pop into the store and pick out a card of their choice.

  1. Peanut butter cups! The Planter’s ones add a touch o’ class and taste more like PB than old shoe like the Reese’s ones are starting to taste like. Quality control over a Reese’s must be feeling the recession pinch.

  2. This is a great idea, since the babe will be sleeping upstairs. Candy all around!! One of my all time faves are Sour Patch Kids for at the movies. Arne is all about dark chocolate. Thanks for the idea

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