Fab Food Week (Wurst New Menu)

January 30, 2012

It’s National FAB food week! (a self made fabulous holiday)

On February 9th -ish Wurst will be launching a new menu, so when asked to come for a private tasting late last week, I couldn’t say no!

Wurst is well-known for their ‘Beer Hall’ downstairs, the line that forms each weekend is a testament that it has become quite the social hotspot. But did you know that Wurst is more than just hoards of hand-made pretzels and hundreds of beers?

The main level offers an upscale menu mixed with casual dinning at an incredibly reasonable price. This place is way more than delicious Sausage and Schnitzel!

I arrived on an empty stomach with an elastic waist pant on. Based on my past dining experience I knew I would packing away the Hasenpfeffer!

The night was started with bubbles and small bites.

Potato wrapped scallops topped with crisp bacon were an unexpected taste of fabulous all rolled into one mouthful.

By far the most original hors d’oeuvres I have seen in a long time.

Next up a plate filled with green was whisked in front of me.

The Smoked Duck Salad was fresh and zippy with its homemade Lingonberry Vinaigrette, As I splashed through my salad I could barely wait for what was to come next!

The Schuluzkrapfen, a dish with Alpine Cheese Ravioli, Chanterelle Mushrooms and Parsnip Puree hit the table with wild applause.

This was definitely the crowd favorite and the only time you would ever hear somebody ask for seconds of Parsnips. The combination of the mildly sweet and creamy root vegetable made me lick my plate when nobody was looking!

Now a meal at Wurst wouldn’t be complete without Spatzle.

If you have never eaten spatzle, the best way to describe it is like Kraft macaroni noodle that is solid and dense with the consistency of Gnocchi.

This version was spinach and was mixed with pulled braised Rabbit throughout. Though the Spatzel was to die for, this was my first time eating Rabbit, and there was a lot of it… The entire time I kept waiting for the chef to come out wearing a fur vest. Although it was a little too much for me, I’m certain the rabbit lovers will be pleased.

The next course (I know, and this is only the midway point!) was hands down the best entrée I have eaten in the last 365 days.

The Roggen & Maple Roasted Sable Fish was perfectly cooked and presented with wilted winter greens and white turnip. Juicy with a notable maple taste.

I wanted to hide my plate and tell them they had missed me. Even the food writers date next to me, who claimed she didn’t eat fish, cleaned her plate!

I was now a solid 2 hours into the dinner with the end in sight when the sausage started to make it’s way through the dining room. No, the ‘Thunder from Down Under’ had not walked in… This was 3 new ‘Brat’ creations that will be joining the menu.

Venicin and Red Peppers took the gold medal with Duck mixed with Porcini Mushroom taking a close second. I loved the spicy of the first one and the chunks of mushrooms in the second. I could definitely make a meal out of these!

By now I was the last man standing. The dining room had cleared and I was waiting for the big guns, Dessert!

A tray of the chef’s finest was placed in front of me. Over stuffed and with room for only one, I opened the hatch and tossed this one down.

I have no idea what it was nor have I ever had anything like it. Maybe it was ice-cream, possibly frozen tofu… one will never know.

I slide under the table and out the other side, I had finally over done it and it was time to head home.

Between the amazing company that joined me at dinner and the delicious food, this was definitely the highlight of my January.

I will be back on February 9th when these new items hit your menu. You food and your restaurant is the perfect addition to any ‘Date Night’!

Mr. Fab uasage


Looking forward to reading your comments!