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What to Wear Wednesday (Mens Louboutins)

January 25, 2012

There something surprising in the fashion world that I did not know about,

Christian Louboutin makes MENS footwear!

The brand icon, famed for the red soled ladies pump also makes red soled men’s shoes.

A variety of outlandish high-tops and embellished loafers, these shoes are more fashion than function.

Recently I took a visit to the Louboutin store in Las Vegas to try on a pair of these fashion statements (A new men’s only flagship store is slated to open in NYC this year).

I chose a sensible black cross hatched leather deck shoe with studs and to my surprise they were not only wickedly stylish, but they were also very comfortable.

But because this shoe will run me just over $700, I may just ‘be-dazzle’ a couple of twin size mattresses from IKEA and strap them to my feet…

Mr. Fab boutin


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