Tasty Tuesday (McDonald’s Cookies and Cream Oreo Pie)

January 24, 2012

Yesterday was National Pie Day and as a patriot of the sweets I felt it was time to celebrate!

As I truly hate and despise pie I tried to think what might make a suitable replacement, then the idea of a McDonald’s Hot Apple Pie popped into my head. As I entered the McDonald’s I noticed a sign for a new Oreo Cookie Pie.

What was this mysterious pie on the sign? I was in the U.S merely one week ago eating a drunken McDonald’s breakfast and did not see the sign then.

To my surprise, it turns out the USA has not been given the new Oreo Cookie Pie. This menu item is exclusive to Canada and is being tested here first before it makes its way toward our southern neighbours.

I quickly stormed the counter and ordered as many Oreo Cookie Pies as I could carry and rushed back to my car to get home. On my drive my car heated up and started to smell like an Easy Bake Oven. I could barely control my excitement!

Arriving home and feeling like I was now back in 1983 I quickly kicked off my shoes, turned on an episode of Saved by the Bell, and prepared for my pie feast.

So what does the McDonald’s Oreo Cookie Pie taste like?

First off the outside of the pie tastes identical to a toasty warm Oreo Cookie crossed with a burnt chocolate cake.

As I bit into the pie a white creamy lava filling poured into my mouth and down my face. This pie was going to make sure I had a souvenir from my adventure.

The taste of the filling wasn’t anything like I expected and can only be compared to the taste of a melted Cabbage Patch Doll sprinkled with sugar.

I quickly wolfed back my 2nd, 3rd and 4th pie, and rinsed the plasticky taste down with some Orange Drink.

Happy National Pie Day Canada, we finally have something the U.S. does not!

Lucky us!

Mr. Fab reo


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